Beard Care 101

  • Beard Tips For A Healthy Beard

In order to grow your beard to its maximum potential, they are a series of important steps to follow thoroughly.

On top of using my Beard Oil & Balm to stimulate growth and produce follicle nourishment, you "must" stick to these simple 4 steps to allow your beard to grow properly and evenly for a full beard (not a patchy) look.

#1 Healthy Eating:

You are what you eat. You eat well, you'll feel well. You eat vitamin-enriched foods (without meats or dairy), your body will respond greater without these foods = a greater chance for a healthier full beard.

Eat healthy, drink lots of pure H20 & water with added lemon & lime (key lime because of electrolytes) and natural fruit juices - juiced fruits & vegetables.

Your beard will compliment your efforts by growing & glowing perfectly!

#2 Exercise:

A vital part of our health is exercise, and we must value a certain amount of time to exercise and assist in balancing out a healthy eating lifestyle. You help your overall body health double-up by exercising and eating healthy. You give your beard its highest potential of the perfect beard!

#3 Natural vitamins and minerals:

When taking additional vitamins, they will assist in follicle development and thoroughly keep the hairs their healthiest!

Multivitamins daily will consistently give your body that overall boost. Vitamins assist in a key role and aids in follicle transformation into terminal hairs.

Collagen vitamins aids in overall skin health-promoting the development of promising new hairs.

#4 Face Cleansings & Beard Care:

Last but not least, you must clean your face & beard thoroughly and consistently. Certain mild beard shampoos are good for beards.

Keep your pores clean from prior oil and dirt buildup.

After beard cleaning, use SB balm to keep your beard moisturized overnight, and in the morning using both oil & balm.

DONE: Now grow that fabulous Viking beard, fellas!

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