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Time to grow that beard with my "new power" formula! (Simple natural ingredients)

Good day men and welcome to SoldierBeards.
This site is devoted to GROWING & MAINTAINING your beard.

Growing a beard will not happen overnight, you MUST be PATIENT and CONSISTENT daily to achieve best results. Some men have the genetics to grow a beard, but there's still a percentage that cannot, especially a full formed beard. Every man has a different beard timeline of growth. Here's what my "SoldierBeard Oil & Balm" can do for you. When using regularly, my SB-Beard Oil will increase rapid growth due to our prime ingredients in our SPECIAL BLEND, two vital ingredients are our "Jojoba & Argan Oils" which are highly effective in promoting faster growth of Vellus hairs into Terminal hairs for a permanent fuller and thicker beard. Then a 3rd critical ingredient of Black Castor Oil is incorporated for it's deep skin moisturising properties. The 4th is Sandalwood Oil, it's used for it's deep antibacterial properties it posses and it's sweet aroma and the concluding 5th oil of the oil group is Sweet Almond Oil that's known for its skin rejuvenation agents with a sweet springy smell. I've  also recently added another beneficial ingredient in "Biotin". Biotin is added for is hair, nail, skin rapid growing attributes.
Soldier Beard Oil & Balm

Beard Growth 101 (Consistency)

In order to grow your beard to it's maximum potential, use my products consistently

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